We are now in a society that if you have a headache, take a pill. Have a low libido? Take a pill. Back pain? Take…A…pill. You get sick? take a shot and take a pill (ha ha ha) Diabetes, thyroid problems, constipation, upset stomach, yeast infection, fatigue, insomnia, bacterial infection or just plain sore. TAKE A PILL
In the 1930s, Dr. Raymon Rife worked with Dr. Arthur Kendall and Dr. E. C. Rosenow who ran the Mayo clinic back during its inception times wanted to prove or disprove the theory of cell transmutation. At this time Louis Pasteur’s germ theory stating that once a virus, always a virus, bacteria…cancer etc. Raymond Rife is an inventor of all of your advanced microscopes. The microscopes we have today still can’t do what Rife’s microscope could. He was able to show through his microscope that germs changed their forms based on their environment. Kendall and Rosenow provided the different bacterial environments for human tissue.  They called this process Pleomorphism which means that cells change and not just once, but multiple times. We now know healthy cells can change to cancerous cells but they can also change from a healthy cell, to the same characteristic as a virus, bacteria as well as cancer all depending on the environmental solution they were exposed to.  Thanks to the help of the Rife telescope he created, they were able to see it with their own eyes. So it could change from a virus to a bacteria, to cancer back to a virus. He also learned that he could make these cells commit suicide which we typically call apoptosis. He’s an interesting guy for sure, but I’m going to stay on track here.
Why are these things happening to us? A single word would be imbalance, but imbalance can be caused by many things:
1) Diet
    We now know about eating based on dietary directions and how eating based on seasons can help. Sometimes imbalances of diets involve cravings which is a symptom letting you know what is needed in the body.
For example this summer, I craved bells pepper all summer long. Sometimes hot peppers, chills peppers. If it was in the pepper family. I wanted it. The pepper family ( also known as Capsicum)  has high levels of Capsaicin in it. People buy gels and creams with this in it to rub on areas that are experiencing pain to relieve them of it, but it also stimulates the metabolism to induce circulation and causes the body to flush the system. So sometimes through a runny nose,  sweat, and other times just flushes irritants out of the body bowel movements.
 So I decided to ask 54 random people what they typically craved to give you a sample size of a populations cravings. 30 were female, 24 were male.
  • The high hitters were Grains, Dairy/Cheese and Starch (Plantains mostly followed by potatoes)
  • The second were: Meat/Fish, Sugar, Salt, Butter/Nuts
  • Honorable mentions: Beans, Chocolate, spicy peppers, Fruit, Alcohol and Caffeine
The interesting part to me was the number of people who craved meat were all men except for 1, whereas women typically craved the bean or nut-based products.
  • Grains  – While grains are a little bit different than sugar, it gets broken down by the body the same way. However, the breakdown process is a little bit different if it’s a whole grain versus what we eat as pasta, pizza or bread. Whole grains are broken down much slower so you don’t feel it the way you would if it was refined or a sugar
  • Dairy/Cheese – the obvious would be calcium, protein, vitamin D but also short chain fatty acids. Which help the colon and gut bacteria
  • Starch – starch is also a mineral craving because most starchy food comes from some plant that grows underground (not all, but most), these foods are typically high in minerals that come along with the starch.
  • Meat/Fish -of course is Protein, Vitamin A, Iron, B-complex vitamins and amino acids
  • Sugar/Alcohol – Sugar causes your body to release serotonin which is the feel-good hormone. So part of this has to do with the body becoming addicted to the feeling that you get from it. You can also get high levels of serotonin naturally through foods that have B6 and amino acids.
    • Chocolate in particular is a bit different than just a feel-good hormone, it has trace minerals and fat. The fat typically help you to absorb the minerals in it. However, the sugar that it is drowned in nullifies the benefits that you would get from it to a large extent.
  • Salt – water, minerals with includes salt. Helping with this would be using a salt has minerals in it other than just salt
  • Fat – This without a doubt is your short, long and medium chain fatty acids. This could mean you need more to absorb certain nutrients. Chances are your mitochondria is sending out the signal to feed it so it can do its job. This is your cells primary source of food as well as what makes up your cells defense barrier to whatever is going on in any of your systems.
  • Caffeine – We all know caffeine is a stimulant, but what we don’t seems to realize is how much it affects your adrenal system by depleting it. So the more you deplete your adrenal system the more  tired or fatigued you are and the more dependent you become on this stimulant. Which is why some people drink multiple cups to receive the same amount of energy that they once received with one cup.
2) Environment
     Your environment triggers symptoms or signs as well.  We tend to respond faster to pain in your joints, stomach, teeth, headaches, skin. It could be from an infection, damage or friction that your body encountered. Your body notifies you of this and then tries to isolate it. This isolation also occurs when there are foreign object present or a high level of toxins you are being exposed to. This isolate is in the form of inflammation. This is typically when headaches occur.  Even when you are cut, scratched, bitten or sprained something. It seems to hurt much more later on once the inflammation has set in. Letting you know to take it easy. Some people have found that the addition of enzymes speed up the breakdown and build-up process of that injured area.  Pollution also triggers symptoms such as headaches, respiratory ( coughing, sore throat, runny nose) and organ issues ( chronic urination, constipation etc.). If you are not outside and you are in a car sitting in the traffic. Try switching you vent to recycle the air inside.
Playing and exercising in areas where there isn’t a not of car pollution or any other type of pollution.
3) Your emotions
     Emotions that most people notice right away are the ones that makes you feel instantly different: fear, excitement, anger, love, stress or just plain negativity. This area also has cravings as well that can give you signs of things needing to be addressed. Like craving attention, love, movement/exercise, to be in charge/power. This second group is not as easy to identify, but when you notice these type of craving you should begin to ask yourself why you feel that way. Chances are it has to do with choices and a feeling of control or lack thereof in whatever area. We won’t dive much into this on this episode other than to say our emotions also affect the body and immune system. Your thoughts control your emotions.
All these signs or symptoms that we are talking about are signs that your body gives off to you that your body has changed requirements. These changes to the body and your environment, change the solution that your cells are in which encourage this “Pleomorphism”. The same way that you changed this solution to be toxic to cause tumors, cancerous cells, diseases and viruses is the same way that you can change that environment back to an environment that these cannot thrive in causing detox, repair and healing. This is so much better than a pill when you know that you have more control over your body and how it feels.
Einstein said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant”

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