Hello Beautiful people, I’m your host Oni

So a little about me, I’ve been going on this life fulfilling journey for many years now and have learned so much about the mind, body and soul and want to share inspiration and be inspired by you.

My journey started in college like so many others. I have bachelor’s in Industrial engineering and decided to get dual masters in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. This is where my story becomes interesting. My focus was on safety, human factors, research and development. I did my thesis on the applications of safety in the development of standard and nanocomposites and how its use and development effects the product being made as well as the environment and human health. Never realized how many different types of composites there was till then! This migrated over from school to work where I focused on the development of some really fascinating products! What I also learned is how those products also affected the people making them and all the health risks that were involved in making all the great things that we love to use to make our lives easier.

One day, I was curious about my bar of soap and decided to start applying this method of research on the products that I use for my body. This had a rippling effect that moved into the production of medications, the process in making the foods that we eat and so on. It changed my life. Instead of greedily learning everything about composites, or other mechanical gadgets and microchips. I became eager to learn about the body and it’s reactions to the products we use or eat. How something as simple as bread affects the functions of different organs and systems in the human body. The same can be applied to a simple thought. I went back to school to get a master in holistic nutrition.

In all of this, I have also learned that there is a phycology that is also used to make some people feel more and less important than others, such as using certain language so that nobody understands except for the people that are just like you. How your education and where you received it determines how recognized you should be. ( I think we all know this, but why is that?…..Your great grandparents were extremely knowledgeable without some even having a high school diploma)

I believe we all have been blessed with strengths and weaknesses to keep us humble as well as to realize that nothing can be done alone, not even your survival. We all depend on one another in one shape or form. I started this blog to start the process of giving and receiving knowledge and to help one another find our path to a fulfilled life.