Fulfilled is a podcast that focuses on encouraging and motivating its listeners to pursue their own personal fulfillment by providing information and inspiration. Inspiring one’s mind, body and soul to be the very best it can be.

A dandelion is often looked at as a weed, but this plant was actually brought to the New World (North America) as food and medicine (Dandelion Delight, 2016). It pulls minerals from deep within the earth and brings them up to the surface where they are no longer present and before it dies it spreads its seeds with the help of the wind .

At Fulfilled we believe that in order to change the world, one must start with one’s self. Just as the dandelion pulls nourishment from deep within bringing it to the surface and before our journey is over, we want to spread our seeds in all directions, encouraging everyone to be fulfilled. Not because of the words that we say, but by the actions we take.

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