I wanted to emphasize the topic of free will and choice. So often we hear phrases such as “what choice do I have”, “I have no choice” or free will is an illusion. I think part of this is because it is apart of those invisible senses that we talked about during the Law of Success.
Currently, science is trying to prove or disprove the existence of free will. Which I think is more of a mind game in itself than a proof since it is a belief of convincing the mind that you have or don’t have it. The fact that there are investments in time and resources shows the value in it.
Instead of proving or disproving its existence, why not observe the people who believe they have it vs people who don’t? A study by Cornell University, states that an adult makes about 70+-decisions a day (Najjar, 2015). Choosing when to get up in the morning, to be in a good or bad mood, how you spend your day, interacting with people and what you eat.
There is a saying that the most valuable/powerful thing that one possesses is the power of choice. Our economy is based on it, the stock market and housing value is based on it. How expensive a city that you live in is based on it. How financially rich someone is is based on your power of choice. You have made them that way through your choices. Your free will.  Just like you can make others that way, you can also make yourself that way. Rich with money, rich in love and rich in health, but you have to have the will to do it. You have to choose to do it. No one else can do that for you.
You are of course affected based on the way you think as well as your personal experiences and of course we know by now we can change the way that we think, we can change habits, we can change our outlook on life. Life always has a way of meeting our expectations. It’s all a matter of choice as to what we expect.
I had an experience before where I was working with a company that was renovating their facilities and in the process they were using some really strong chemicals. So much so, it made my nose burn and after a while, I began to have nose bleeds due to how irritating it was to me. I mentioned it to some others and they would say yeah, but you get use to it. That’s something I didn’t want to do. I mentioned it to someone who could do something about it with no good results. What do you do? When you feel like you have no choice you deal with it and continue to watch your symptoms get worse since I knew the environment was toxic for me. I 1st bought a respirator and the looks people gave me were more of amusement.  Some asked me why, some didn’t ask at all, but to me it didn’t matter. I rather look odd and be able to breathe without discomfort. The limit was that I couldn’t wear the mask 8 hours a day, it affects facial circulation. Now I had to choose whether I wanted to leave or stay and if I stayed, could I reach someone who would make a difference? Which made me ask the question “was my health more important or money?”. As we talked about in the last body episode, money always ends up paying for poor health choices later on in life. There is always a choice to be made whether we feel like we have one or not. Saying that you have no choice is in itself a choice.
I could choose to look at the leave as a financial loss or I could choose to look at it as just my time to move on to bigger and better things. If I choose to look at it in either way, that is exactly what I will get. Expectations and the law of Attraction is amazingly strong and never lets you down.
This is a work example, but it can also be applied to relationships of all kinds especially the relationship with yourself. You have a choice, you have free will. Use it. Don’t let others dictate how your life will and should be. You are giving them way too much control over you. What you do not value, no one else will. Choose wisely