You hear all the time the line or phase of people saying “I am cured” and then it comes back somewhere else. People being “cured” of cancer and then it shows up someplace else. Some of the simplest issues people have like the cold, flu, chicken pox, acid reflux are not things that are “curable”.

The definition of a cure is a complete or permanent solution or remedy. based on Webster’s dictionary. They do have a definition that states that a cure is a recovery or relieve from disease (Merriam, 2018). In the second definition there isn’t a fixed period of time and when someone mentions a cure we are looking for a permanent fix.

When I say that there is no cure, try and think about the fact that what people are typically treating is a symptom. Cutting off your sensory response that signals pain is not really a cure. Think about tonsillitis, appendicitis or other organs that go into a state of extreme pain and your doctor tells you we have to take that out or cut off the nerve receptors that are telling you that you feel it.  What actually caused that to happen? Just because the pain is gone doesn’t get rid of the reason it happens. The actual problem grows unit it reaches a point of affecting something else in the body.

For example, patients diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer have a 90 to 95 percent chance of recurrence. For stage 3 it’s 70 to 90% (OCRFA, 2018).  It really depends on the type of cancer you have, the environment you’re in etc.. Technically speaking the medical association deems someone is cured of cancer or “Cancer free” if they live 5 years after treatment (NCI,2018).  If you die after that period of time from cancer you were still “cancer free” statistically speaking.

I say this to say that if you do not learn the root cause of why something happened, it is bound to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune time.

They have a saying that I feel is so very true “pay now or pay later”. Just like in life when you have an issue or problem, it doesn’t go away until you decide/choose to take care of it. You cannot pay someone to make it go away. You cannot pretend that it is not there. You cannot drink the problem away since it is still there regardless on what you choose to use to forget about it. The problem grows and becomes more annoying, problematic and just won’t leave you alone. The same thing happens with your health and this idea of a “cure” being as easy as a pill,  a surgery or a vaccine.

What is really being sold is the illusion or an idea of something that doesn’t actually exist. Especially, When statistics state otherwise.  I put in a search for diseases that have been cured and came up with 20 diseases, the chicken pox was one of them released in 1995 (Editors Pub, 2018). If this was the case if my parents received a vaccine for the chicken pox and could not get it, then none of their offspring would be able to get it. You would also be able to be around people with it and not be able to get it. However, the whole disagreement and angry parents incident on vaccines happened due to a chicken pox outbreak in Los Angelos in 2017 from children who did not get the vaccine giving it to children who did (CBS, 2017). What can be done is to replenish the areas in the body that are begging for attention and help so that your body can begin rebuilding itself and building up its immune system.

I discovered a cavity on a tooth of mine and that sucker was big. I was thinking to myself, oh no, how could this happen! I don’t eat sugar, I barely eat grains. Even then they are sprouted to fermented. My dentist said that I need a filling, which is surgery to cut the bad part out and leave the good to prevent it from spreading. but think about it, cutting a cavity out of one tooth does not stop it from appearing on another. Tooth problems are a sign of other health problems in the body.Again, it is a symptom. I was oil pulling, bone broths, clays, seaweeds and nothing was working. I even added trace minerals. I almost gave up and let her drill and fill until I heard about fulvic and humic minerals from a specific company and slowly but surely the combination of those minerals as well as the size slowly began to help the cavity shrink and shrink and shrink until it is gone.  This is one of the many examples that has helped me to understand how everything in life works on balance. It doesn’t happen immediately but it happens.

There are so many stories of people who were told there wasn’t a cure no longer need one. From things such as addiction, reproductive problems, from cancer, chronic pains or any other chronic ailments. Choose to find out what is out of balance for you and dive head first in addressing it. Choose to believe that your body is one of the most advanced thing in the universe and is capable of something as simple as self-repair with the right tools and environment. Choose to believe that there is no such thing as a cure.

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