So yes, James Brown was in my head today repeating that chorus over and over. I don’t know why. Haven’t listened to him or read anything about him, but it’s there in my head ( hence the title). You ever noticed that whenever you make a change or about to make a change your senses are heightened? If you let it, you can become easily stressed out, fear and that voice tells you ” Go back to your comfort zone” it’s comfortable there. Another part of you is excited for something new, the adventure into the unknown which also has you……..just plain nervous about making the wrong choice. You brush past the ney saying and fear and embrace the change but your senses are still on alert about everything. A good example that most people can relate this to would be buying a new house, starting a new job, choosing to play in the stock market/futures/ForEx/bitcoin. Taking your 1st trip out of state or even the country, getting married or starting a relationship. These are all great things but are a big change in your current state if you believe they are. They also can be “not a big deal” if you believe they are. It all about perspective, but not only perspective….How much you have prepared for it right? The law of success.

The other part of this is the saying “Trusting your gut” or trusting your instincts. It is going to help you choose the best home, attract you to look at certain stocks or futures. Bring you into an area where you would potentially meet that special someone or benefit your career or simply have an experience that helps you to grow and progress on your honey in life. We are at a point now where we trust our intuition and understand what it means. We can decipher between a feeling/intuition and fear to just keep us stationary. we are open to information that we haven’t considered or is even contrary to our current mindset as long as it helps us to move in the right direction and when we get that feeling that the environment, the person or the course of action is not for us or our best interest we will not hesitate to trust our gut and walk away or the opposite being our feeling enticing and peeking our curiosity to want more, learn more and/or see what happens.

Of course your path, journey, feelings and instincts are unique to each person and what you have experienced and seen in your life. You’ve established your principles and are practicing them as well as the laws that we have covered.

I remember once that I wanted to move for the new year. I had been checking out different states and cities. Hadn’t found anything that made we want to move, but decided to settle on the Carolinas, but when I was looking at houses and companies in the area nothing stood out and after a while I noticed that I was trying to force this choice, it wasn’t something I was particularly happy about, it was just something different which is what I realized that I really wanted. So I changed and began looking for a different position and as soon as I needed to make a decision on the new company something was off. Shortly, my current company offered me a new position. Now my decision was is it just something new or a new company and the environment that went along with it? These types of thing happen not only with work but with relationships, how you’re spending time. Whatever has you feeling like it needs to change.

These things can happen to create smaller goals within your bigger one. In this sense help to prepare, learns and become ready to achieve your bigger goal.

I love referring to water. What makes water so powerful is its ability to adapt. It can fit through the tiniest of holes and gradually create a larger opening. When it hits a barrier, it goes around it creating multiple paths that eventually met back up later on down its path. It can be gentle or rough depending on its environment, but it always reaches its goal.

It’s not just about setting a goal and sticking with it. It is also about being flexible on how you achieve them and what it is that you truly want. Take the time to listen to yourself. Whether it is from your dreams, how you react to certain things or the feelings that you have when certain instances happen. They are all trying to tell you something, but it is up to you to listen.