As we go about building these healthy bodies we look to eat healthy foods, supplements and beverages to help our bodies to heal, repair and perform

As years have gone by we as people have a tendency to change what words mean. For example wicked here in new england. It’s used to describe an extreme. wicked cold, wicked awesome. but the rest of people know it as being something cruel or evil right?

There is just so much information out there about what supplements to take, and we want it pure. For some people pure means without anything added. So pure H2O, Vitamin C, L-glutamate, etc. Originally, that is not what was meant by pure. Pure was meant to be untouched right so a person could be pure. Pure avocado or oranges.

We have 2 different ways of thinking. One is more of a laboratory way and the other is unspoiled.

When you take a supplement that is pure what evert it is , understand that nothing in nature grows in that state. Why is this important? Because that is what your body is familiar with to use, heal, repair and perform

So vitamin C never arrives solo to the scene,  it is wrapped up in fiber, ash ( which has minerals in it), sulfur, traces of vitamin E, and antioxidants which is just a fancy word to say that it has the ability to slow down the aging process of your cells.

Calcium does not just absorb because you pop a pill, calcium is a fat soluble mineral. So it needs fat in order to absorb. It also needs vitamin D and K1,2. What has these things already in it? Algea ( spiraling, blue-green, and seaweeds), cheese, milk, bone broth, shell fish sea food


Typically you have more than 1 deficiency, although you are looking to treat them one at a time