First let’s understand the definition of disease, Webster says that it is “an illness that affects a person, animal, or plant : a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally” (Webster, 2016)

Have you every been around someone and they were just draining. You have an event and there’s someone that complains about everything. The person at a party that likes to bring up all the negative stuff that different people have done in the past. The gossiper that spends their time talking about people. They can kill a mood in the crowd like electricity in a power outage. Misery loves company. When people aren’t happy sometime they want others to be unhappy with them to keep them company.

It’s time to clean house!  Clear out the white noise in your life. White noise is like the bad reception on a phone call that doesn’t let you hear clearly what the caller is trying to say. Letting go of people, things and environments that are negative. will help with stress levels and help clear your focus or inspiration to the path of fulfillment that you want

The story of the loser

Karl Menninger who started the Menninger Foundation in 1919 which is a psychiatric clinic, a sanatorium, and a school of psychiatry stated: “Environment is more improtant than heredity. Be very careful about the people you spend time with. If you don’t want to live the way they’re live stay away. It is not about being better than someone,” There’s an old saying that bird’s of a feather flock together and bad thoughts and vibrations/feeling are like a disease.

Don’t let people steal your energy, take away your happiness, or cause self doubt with negative talk. When they start with negative talk, walk away, remove yourself from that environment. They will either stop talking about things like that around you or your bond with that person will dissolve. This was not your choice in ending the relationship it was theirs.

Being consciously aware of what you’re thinking can help you change they way you think.

” You can counteract negative suggestions”~(Murphy, 2007)

So as you hear yourself think.

  • I’m too fat for that dress (#1 why do you have the dress if you think you are too fat for it)
    • You bought the dress because you know it looks good, so wear it like it was made for you
  • why would someone like that be interested in someone like me,
    • Something about you caught their attention, find out what it is.
  • we will never be able to afford that,
    •   Let’s draw up a budget to see how we can afford this.
  • I will never get out of debt.
    • It took sometime to get into debt. If that is what you think about, that is what you bring into your life. Let’s set up a program to automatically pay it so that I don’t have to worry about debt. I’m getting out.

Realize you are ruining your own mood and spoiling your party.

There is positive and negative criticism. If the criticism is true, then it’s your lucky day! Work on changing it to improve yourself. If the criticism is negative, throw it where it belongs…in the trash and move on.
Ex) colleague sabotage

Joseph Murphy says ” Criticism cannot hurt you without your consent”


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