You would be surprised at at the number of signs that your body gives you on a daily basis that we have grown accustomed to ignoring.

– Hands ( nails)
– Peeling calcium, vit A, C
– Ridges (vert or horiz) on nails protein deficiency. natural protein type nutrients such as has A, iron, iodine, calcium, b- complex
– Acne – what is acne? the skin’s form of detoxing. Some people detox more from the skin than others
– Teeth – Did you know that cavities are a sign of lack of nutrients?

The foods you are consuming are taking out more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than you are putting in?

Check out Dr. Wenston Price’s research that was performed in the 1930s. He also talks about how to address this.

– Tongue coating (Body Ecology, 2016)
– what color is it?
– White and thick (yeast and bacteria) white and thin (healthy)
– no coat could be dehydration
– purple or blue circulation issues
– Red tip of the tongue (TCM states: it’s stress, and stress depletes nutrients for organs, causes digestive issues, etc)
– Cracked lips, skin
– Lips are iron, zinc, B2, B3, B12
– Skin, state the same as above and fit C..I believe amino acids, essential fatty acids, Personal story.

For more serious pangs we Sometimes ignore it out of fear and state ignorance is bliss….
Give example of mom
Fear doesn’t make things go away..

As a result I went to the doctor for everything! but I wanted to know
Give and the example of chest pains and coffee

Sometimes having a small action that just happens too much. This is defined as chronic conditions. Being gassy after meals. or sneezing when you enter the office, home or any certain area. Is not always an allergy But it can just be a lot of just in the air, which can be simple or easy to fix by dusting or maybe there is an air vent near you ( block it)


– Father and his burps!!!
– A man’s daughter fracturing her foot.

Find out what it means before it’s no longer a chronic condition but an illness.

Body Ecology, (2016) from What Your Tongue Is Telling You About Your Digestion