If I say what a soul/spirit is people immediately think ghosts. Maybe halloween or being possessed. I remember when I was younger I would think of mortal kombat video game and the power move where where he says ” Your soul is mine!”  and you see this smoke come from the body and the guy falls to the ground dead.

You are not your body, Your body is your possession. When you hurt your leg  you say. I hurt my leg, not I hurt leg. Your broke my heart, hurt my feelings. These are all possessions of yours.

Some people realize this more than others, unfortunately these are people that have lost appendages or motor skills. and that is how I learned as well.
ex) of fasting

When we look at being fulfilled and/or living fulfilled lives, we are looking we for inspiration to do so. This is a lecturerer by the name if Dr. Wayne Deyer who has published a lecture back in 2006 called ” The secrets of an inspirational life” I really enjoed it. He says that inspitation is living in spirit. When you live in spirit. Inspiration just comes to you. How is this?

So with this soul, I also learned that it is connected to everything, that I am apart of everything. Have you ever stared at someone or felt someone stare at you. I use to do this game with my nieces when I was driving. I told them they had powers. They would make anyone look at them most of the time.

What about when you are thinking of someone and they show up or call?

“Everything we are seeking is seeking us” ~Bob Proctor Art of Living
I want to read you a section of his book.

There is a documentary called “I AM”

When I say spirit or soul, I am talking about you, I am talking about us. and our interconnection with one another. Our interconnection with life.

Maya Angelou said :Do the best you can until you know better, then do better


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