This law of supply states that there is no lack or limitations because nothing is created or destroyed. Having the understanding that everything is coming from one source of supply. Some people call this source just that, The Source. Others call it The Creator, The Spirit, The Universe ( Which is what the movie “The Secret” calls it.) Others call it God. I think Star Wars uses The Force. What you choose to call it is your own personal preference. The name is particular doesn’t matter, understanding the meaning behind it does. We understand this oneness in some ways already. We understand that this is an orderly universe. We don’t doubt the sun rising the next day or that the moon comes in the night. The moon doesn’t fight with the sun or vice versa. We know that if there are heavy clouds in the sky it’s going to rain and if we throw something it will fall to the ground due to gravity. Gravity doesn’t decide not to work today. We understand that it is part of a bigger untouchable system.

When we talk about oneness, look at science. The Human genome Project discovered that our genetic DNA is 99.9% the same as the stranger sitting next to you. 96% the same as a chimpanzee, 91% of a mouse, 90% the same as your pet cat, 80% to a cow and 60% the same as the banana or chicken that you ate for lunch or dinner (Ramsey, Lee, 2016). This is not to say that we are the same as a mouse, but to show the link between us and everything. Why eat food that is not similar to your genes so that your body can identify it’s nutrients and use it? Plants inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen so that we can inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We need each other to breathe. The waste that mammals, reptiles, birds etc produce feeds the soil and plants. While the waste that plants as well as what the soil produces feeds, clothes and warms us. We need each other to eat and stay warm. We need each other to be one, to be complete. The feeling of emotions between people as well animals. If they are sad, happy, scared, in love, hurt or maybe something is bothering them. Sometimes, this needs no words. These are all examples of oneness.

Everything in the universe that you can and cannot see is an expression of spirit. Keeping in mind that spirit operates by exact laws which is why we are covering these laws right? You are subject to those laws the same way as nature is. Some people think that nature is cruel and unforgiving, which really depends on your perspective and how you look at life. Most likely if you look at nature that way, you look at your own life that way. I look at nature as being fair and is never unsuccessful. No matter how much we do to it in ignorance: pollute it, strip it down, horde it. Nature has a way of correcting it since there is a reaction for every action  (we already covered this law). The climate adjusts and as we have seen causes floods or droughts. It returns the toxins that we gave to it back to us among other things to bring back balance. It also provides us with shade, cool breezes, fresh water, beautiful colors and nourishment. The topography of nature is constantly changing. Which leads us to the next part of this topic. That nothing is created or destroyed.

This essence of Supply happens all around us all of the time. A good example of this (nothing is created or destroyed) is an example given by Raymond Holliwell as he describes an oak tree.
If we plant an acorn in the soil, it will sprout a tree which produces leaves in the spring and sheds in the fall. Those old leaves become part of the fertile soil. After 100s of years the tree dies it decays, it becomes timber or hardens to peat and coal. The coal is mined and brought home as fuel to warm the house, cook food, etc. The ashes are given to the earth again to nourish another seed to become a great tree, plant etc.  In this example, it is constantly changing form. Giving off gases, chemicals and energy. If we were to measure we would see that nothing was loss not even the tiniest particle (Holiwell, 1964).

So any and every thing that you need and want is already here waiting to create whatever it is that you need or want. All you need is to get in synch to demand it and the supply will be there. Be careful with your thoughts. It works for negative desires as beautiful positive ones and when it’s time to receive what you give. You only want to receive good and beautiful things. Since you do attract everything into your life by law, it would be wise to begin forming the habits of thinking only of what you want regardless of the current conditions or circumstances you are facing because your current circumstances were created by your past thoughts. Think about that for a bit.


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