Today we are co-hosting with Charles on not letting your job control or depress you. Charles is a Nursing assistant and is on his way to becoming a Nurse. He deals with death and traumatic events daily. There are a lot of jobs out there like Charles. Insurance agents, doctors, lawyers, police officers, nurses, safety professionals, etc. These are all jobs where people are looking to help other people, but can sometimes affect the one that is trying to help.

Trying to look at hazards and accidents as just accidents and not letting it control your life.

  • Recognizing that life goes on. After difficult moments there are beautiful moments to follow.
  • Life is bigger that one individual. Understanding that an individual is part of life.

Personal things that Charles does to pick himself up

  • Letting the emotions run through him, to feel those emotions, then letting it go
  • Having something that you enjoy to let the world fade away, such as cooking and going for a run
  • Keeping the idea that it’s all in the larger narritive

Understanding that carpartmentalizeing emotions and not talking about it affects you mentally even though it is seen to be a common way to handle emotions. Give yourself a moment to express those emotions in a healthy manner

The idea of understanding that everything is going to be ok. Understanding that what is mostly affecting our mood is more about fear, fear of death and fear of losing someone or something and the change this causes, but isn’t that what life is about, change? You may not want it, but it is enevitable.