In light of there being record breaking floods in India, Nigeria and Texas. A record breaking drought followed by massive forest fires in the west and now the record breaking cat 5 hurricane Irma about to plow over the rest of the South in the US after hitting the Caribbean which will also have flooding. And I am sure the NE with have a record breaking winter….just……Don’t forget to breathe.

Most of my family is in the lovely states of Florida or California so if it’s not hurricanes, it’s wild fires. People who are panicked about the situation have loaded up cars and are trying to leave the state because airplane ticket prices are unbelievably expensive. Talking with family members who are not panicking actually shows some clarity of thought. When I asked them about hopping in the car and leave, their response was: If you try and leave Florida, you’ll run out of gas and all the gas stations are backed up and running out of gas and you’ve got to get farther than Georgia to avoid the hurricane’s wrath. The second thought other than impact is flooding. Florida soil drains very well, but Georgia, Alabama does not due to the amount of clay being in the soil. So it’s going to have flooding problems. So driving isn’t an option either unless you already have that head start. You also have the infamous water shortage, all the stores are sold out or selling out of water. What do I do!!!  Well, how did you drink water before this? Through the tap or your water filter? Well, you can also buy gallon mason jars (any jar for that matter) and fill them up. Why are these two thought processes so different?

Well, one answer is that your brain received less oxygen during a panic which makes it hard to think about anything other than fight or flight. Which is why so many people say their mind goes blank because you don’t need to think, you need to do and the body accommodates this by pulling resources from the brain into your muscle and nervous system.  This is why you feel everything inside your body and yet if someone grabbed your hand you wouldn’t notice it because those senses are numb.

While I started out talking about natural disasters this is also something that can be applied to the personal moments of panic that we also consider disasters. Maybe there are some factors in your life that you cannot control. Panic attacks can be triggered by certain phobias, by rapid and unexpected changes like a hurricane, earthquake, a dog, someone being aggressive with you or as a result of extended levels of stress such as work deadlines, putting too much pressure on yourself or maybe it is not you but someone else putting on this pressure. Panic attacks can also be triggered when you’re feeling apprehensive about something, or when your mind is dominated by unhelpful thoughts, memories and/or beliefs about the harmful consequences of external threats. (Sinchinski, 2017)

In this process stress and panic really has our adrenal glands sucking up nutrients from our body like a little kid drinking a milkshake. Which is fine for once in a blue moon, but can be a big health problem if it happens often. This is why most people who are constantly anxious or stressed are chronically tired and depend more on coffee to keep them going rather than things like sleep or a meal. While most people believe that this is just a mental issue it is also a physical health issue.

The difference between the two thoughts when it came to how to handle the natural disaster shows that one group hears “the worst in history..evacuate” and you do just that. The other took a moment to pause, breathe and think about how they are looking at the situation to properly plan to come through it as safe as possible. After all, one group is thinking, I’m going to die while the other is thinking, I’m going to survive. Hop on the internet and see how others are planning, this keeps you calm since you are trying to resolve your concerns. This process can be handled the same way for all the other areas in your life that cause panic, anxiety or high stress.

In the body, there is always a lot of discussion about replenishing minerals, vitamins and amino acid (protein), but there is also ligaments, cartilage and other areas that need to be replenished.

I will tell you, my little trigger that I work on is with dogs. As soon as I see one. I use to freeze. I literally can’t move, hear myself think. All I use to hear is my heartbeat in my ears.(ha ha) then my second reaction is to ruuuuuuuuuuun or maybe climb up on something or someone…really doesn’t matter at that point. They are all objects to me (ha ha).

>but it’s terrible to have a fear of something that a large amount of people have. So 1st I have a mental conversation with myself to pause and understand that most likely the dog really doesn’t care about me.
[story of the milk lady’s dog]

Bam, that energy that I was giving out is what this dog had picked up on and as soon as I took a deep breath and mentally told myself that I was going to stay relaxed. it just stopped. It was AMAZING!

[story time] of a bike ride

I still laugh at the fact of what was going on in my mind. I am too tired to be scared, to try to avoid it or anything. I didn’t have any energy to give off and so there was nothing for it to even respond to so it just turned around and walked away. This was definitely an example of being preoccupied with other thoughts.

In both situations, I was exposing myself to uncomfortable situations which made me have these realizations about the mind, thoughts and how to control my reactions.

Now to compensate my body on that fast depletion that occurred, I am a big fan of glandular or multiple organ meat powders. eating an organ to replenish an organ that has been depleted.  This way I don’t need to calculate or figure out what specific mineral, vitamin, or macro-nutrient I need to do the job. It’s already there and my body knows what to do with it.

You may be anxious about public speaking, confrontation & conflicts, maybe it is also dog or being vulnerable. What ever it is that causes you to mentally feel out of control try and remember to pause, breathe and think about how you really want to handle it. As Bob says ” you are the sum total of your thoughts, energy awareness is the real key to change”. it won’t be easy at 1st because you are breaking a habit, but the more you catch yourself, you pause, practice and replenish. The easier it will become. It will teach you lessons along the way, you just have to be conscious enough to see them. Soon you will forget those incidences as quickly as they happen or even laugh about them because you could see how you were handling them. That in itself is motivation to keep pushing forward.

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