We talk about water all the time whether it is going to the beach, swimming in lakes, spring, etc. We drink spring water, distilled water, water through osmosis, filtered and tap. What is really the difference between all of these? Let’s go through this so that you can listen, gauge and figure out what’s best for you.

Rain, we know it helps everything to grow and flourish, have you noticed that after it rains the air just feels cleaner? After you swim you feel more refreshed? Sitting by the beach is invigorating!

There is a significant difference in the molecular makeup of water when it comes from moving water versus still water. Not only does it carry more minerals, but it literally tastes or feels more refreshing, why is that?  It turns out water actually carries energy when it is flowing and moving through nature. When it is exposed to the sun as well as the moon.  It is able to cleanse itself from pollutants and have a stronger more defined molecular structure. Why is this important? Because when you drink water, your body recognizes this and absorbs it very quickly. If you have ever drunk a glass of water and you could feel it sloshing around in your belly, THAT is the difference, your body has a difficult time absorbing this type of water.

It should come as no surprise that water is a carrier. It becomes and distributes whatever you put in it. Coffee, tea, kool aid and other drinks show just how easy water takes on the properties of what you put in it or what you encase water in. This is due to the fact that water has memory….I can hear you guys now…”Ok Oni you’re losing me”,  but this was 1st discovered in the 1950s by Victor Shauberge. Later a Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier (who won his Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus aka (HIV) and it’s link to AIDS). Montagnier echoed Shuaberge’s finding stating that:

the DNA of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including HIV, “could emit low frequency radio waves” that induced surrounding water molecules to become arranged into “nanostructures”. These water molecules, he said, could also emit radio waves.”

He also suggested that water could retain electrochemical properties even when the solution was massively diluted. If you didn’t know. That is what the foundation of Homeopathy is all about. Again, stating that water takes on the properties of what you put in it or what you encase water in. So keep this in mind as we cover your drinking water.

Salt water is a good example of this, water echos the properties of salt. It has a way of reducing inflammation, clearing respiratory issues as well as sinuses which is why the nettie pot (or things like it) is so popular. When you sprain your ankle, they say to soak it in epson salt ( another form of salt water high in magnesium). We inadvertently know that saltwater has some really great properties, but sometimes we don’t know that we know.

Ok, now for tap water, the EPA has set maximum contaminant levels for metals such as  arsenic(1), bariumcadmiumchromiumlead (2), copper (3), mercury (4), seleniumnickelthalliumantimony, and beryllium. This means that public water supplies are monitored for these metals regularly (Peterson, 1997).  Not only metals though, So in New England there is a drinking water test report that comes annually. It tells you what levels of metals, fluoride, chlorine, bacteria and etc. are in the town water before they go through the pipes in your home. I say before because the most common of the toxic metals is lead, think about the plumbing and the pipes that bring you water from the reservoir or the water treatment center.  As these pipes corrode you have issues like what is happening in Flint, Michigan. Maybe not to that extreme, but they commonly happen. Those pipes are leaded pipes that feed into your home along with #2 metal, copper pipes. Not that copper is bad in nature, but in this pure/concentrated form it can reach excessive levels for the body to be able to keep its balance.

So why am I talking about this? Well, when it comes to metals lead can do a lot of damage to your brain, nervous system, kidney and liver. You always hear people talking about lead poisoning in children, but not so much with adults and this is because the poisoning is slower and with all things that slowly shut down organs and other systems in the body. You can’t point and say ” This right here is what caused my Parkinson’s, my kidney damage, my reproductive problems or my cancer.” Especially when there’s so many things now that slowly do this.

Chlorine is a good one, I’m not even going to talk about Fluoride, because everyone knows or should know about it and there is already so much research done on this, but chlorine of course is used to kill and get rid of viruses and bacteria in the water so that it doesn’t make you sick. However, the same way it does this with your drinking water, is the same way it kills the bacteria in your body. It’s like an antibiotic, it doesn’t care whether it is good or bad bacteria. Add that on top of the exorbitant amount of antibiotics that you get from your doctor for sneezing (ha ha) and you can also see why there is so many digestive or stomach problems happening with people.  When we wipe out the good and bad bacteria in our systems (because let’s face it, we cook our meals in this water, we drink this water, we take a nice hot shower and the inhale the chemical gases from this water) we typically don’t replenish the good bacteria enough, the bad bacteria takes over and in that process eventually damages the intestinal lining along with other lining in the body and when we do that there is no barrier between the undigested food and our blood system. This triggers our immune system and causing many problems. such as allergies, irritable bowel disease or syndrome etc…..anyways, I’ll digress from this.

There are other things in this tap water that I want you to think about such as fertilizers, prescription medication, pesticides and herbicides that we use in our yards all the time. While there are well over 100s of chemicals that your municipalities test for ( although the report they give you is about 25), hundreds of new chemicals are released for use on a yearly basis in which the EPA cannot keep up with. It has been 26 years since the EPA has added a new drinking water contaminant to the Safe Drinking Water Act. This was written in Time magazine last year (Weyrauch, 2016). So chemicals such as PFCs, PCB etc. aren’t even on the list and we know that these do a great deal of damage to your reproductive and immune system being clearly noted as a carcinogenic (something that causes cancer) (EPA& CDC, 2017).

If you’re thinking that this isn’t a big deal because you drink bottled water, which was me for a time. There aren’t any rules or regulations for bottled water companies to mandate testing their water for unhealthy levels of anything. I learned about this in a documentary called Tapped more than 5/6 years ago. Sometimes the same municipalities that you get your drinking water from can cut contracts with bottled water companies and it ends up being the same water minus the tests and treatments. There are bottled water companies that pull from aquifers and springs and it just depends on how regular they check for bacteria and other contaminants build up. It’s just up to the company policy and standards on how often the check for these. Also, keep in mind what I mentioned earlier about water taking on the characteristics of its vessels that it’s carried in such plastic and why water taste different in plastic bottle versus a stainless steel or glass bottle ( which is my favorite at least until I can find a good bottle made from clay). This is a nice little project to do at home to see if you can taste the difference in the water simply based on the container that it is in.

Another area where we know, but we don’t know that we know is that water is an excellent receiver and transmitter. It absorbs and gives off the energy of frequencies around it just like humans do. We all know that you don’t play with water around electricity, if it’s around and you’re standing or touching water, you’re dead (or you may wish you were at that time). You know on a dry day when you drag your feet across a surface and when you reach for a person, door knob or light switch, you’re going to shock yourself and maybe see some sparks. My high school science class also performed an experiment where you form a chain of people, the person at the end cranks up a generator and you shock everyone in the chain (ha ha). When we did this, I was so surprised at how easily we as people could transmit that current through so many people! This is because of the human body being 60%-75%  water depending on if you’re a child or adult (Parker, 2016). This would mean electromagnetic fields affect us as well as your own energy/frequency. Think about what you and the people around you give off through your thoughts and moods, so if someone is in a bad mood, you can feel it (that’s a frequency, we’ve talked about that in previous episodes).  You see how the mind, body and soul tie together so effortlessly and beautifully? I love it!! There is a documentary called The Hidden Message in water. I went to a museum before that showed how your thoughts and moods affect the physical structure of water. This is why your attitude and emotions have so much to do with healing when your sick.

This movie, is about a pretty famous Japanese science researcher by the name of Masaru Emoto. He and his team took water samples from many different places in the world to test this idea of spring, versus tap or lake water and the difference in the crystal structure of water. Collecting water by the moon versus the sun as well as good and bad moods. It was very interesting to see what he found. I attached a little snippet about his research for you, but you should definitely check out the full documentary.


I know I’ve kind of bounced about the benefits of water, the metals, chemical and how water has this memory to reflect its surrounding and what ever you give off.

The question is how to gain more control over your water quality. So here’s the options that I have discovered. From the best to better.

  1. Spring water and aquifers: most places actually have a free spring water fountain that is tested regularly and the results are posted on that springs website for all to see. Sometimes they put up signs by that spring when you shouldn’t use it. http://www.findaspring.com/ this site helps you find springs around the world.
    • Spring water contains minerals beneficial to your health, like magnesium, calcium and lithium. It also provides sulfur and silica which are minerals that help to rebalance the skin and joint stability. In this way, it helps the body detox easier especially since silica in the natural form of DE literally pulls toxins from the system.  The other minerals along with that structure help balance the minerals in the body to flush out what it doesn’t need…Really once you taste it, the difference is night and day.
  2. Rain water- This is illegal in a lot of U.S. states and some parts of the globe. Collecting rain water and putting it through a sedimentary and/or UV light provides clean water. You don’t have the minerals, but you don’t have any of the chemicals and other unnecessary additives either. And depending on the shape of your collection vessel, it can mimic running water. I experienced this when I went to Hawaii (Big Island) that water tastes and feels great in the shower. I’ve been dying to do this ever since.
  3. Private water/well- This literally makes your water quality your responsibility. Being aware of what you use and spray on your property or anything that can feed into this private water. If you are in a rocky mountainous area you have to be cautious of arsenic and address accordingly.  Again no chemicals, minerals are also in this water
  4. Filtration system – This may be the easier path, especially for city dwellers and people who rent and it’s still cheaper than purchasing bottled water. A 3-stage filtration system that removes 90%-99% of chlorine, chemicals, bacteria and metals from your tap water. The down fall is that the best I’ve seen for removing fluoride is 70-80% of the fluoride. You can get a reverse osmosis filter to remove all, but there are health effects tied to doing this so I am not a fan. but the taste and quality of the tap water that you are already paying for is drastically improved.  The downside is that minerals are also removed with this filtration. but reducing your exposure 90-99%  You’ll notice a change in your thirst and skin. There are also systems that mimic spring water and adds minerals back to the water which you can check out for yourself.
  5. Last but not least, surround yourself as much as possible with positivity and love.

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