Earlier in the podcast, we looked at learning how to make our desires a reality by changing our thought and learning how to bypass fear of failure. The law of compensation states that the amount of good you receive depends on the need for what you do.

As we know, life has a rhythm of supplying and demanding.  While most of the time we think of this in finance, stocks and products. Supply and demand is just a trading system that can be as complicated or as simple as you choose to make it.

What ever skills you have chosen to possess,  your ability to do them and the difficulty of replacing you reflects in the amount of good that you receive.
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Just like in the work profession, if you have a unique skill, you typically are paid more than one that most people are trained to have. So optical engineers that build lenses for things like the Hubble telescope, or doctors that are specialist get paid more than a general doctor or the standard 4 types of engineering. Going to a restaurant that serves something unique is more expensive than a regular restaurant. However, they are all compensated according to the amount of effort needed to do their task.

You encounter this law every time you express dissatisfaction with how you are being compensated at work, in a relationship, with yourself and with life. This is where you can use the law to get to a place where you feel you should be. Sometimes you just know when it’s time to walk away from a job, relationship or improving something about yourself. Initially it is so difficult, but in the end you are always so grateful that you did it. The only way this would not be the case is if there was ill intent in the process.

This is also where people have a tendency to think that they can change the law versus self-reflection and changing themselves. Such as adjusting your thoughts so that they are constructive and optimistic.

If you want different results such as success and prosperity and do not work in any way to change, how can you expect different results? When we stop recognizing a condition/situation, we also stop attracting it. The person who sees better will attract better and be given greater things.

People come in this world and leave the world and never know anything different other than what has been handed down to them. Once you change your vision, you will change conditions and will be compensated for that.

Bob Proctors talks about asking yourself the question: are you presently doing more than what you are being paid for? He said if your answer is absolutely, then you are headed in the right direction. For people who say no or I do just enough, then you have a way thinking that it would be illogical to do more than they pay me for. Their way of thinking is: give me the money, then I will do the job. While our system that drives the economy is: do the job, then I will give you the money.

The worker/business that is always rewarded by the employer/customer is the one that delivers more than what they paid for. Think about restaurants and vacation resorts that gives you more than you paid for. These earn your repeat business (Proctor, 2015)

People who pour their heart into what they are doing and not checking on the amount of time that they spent on it. These are constantly the people that move ahead and are handsomely rewarded. This is the law of compensation, do what you are passionate about, it will draw the people to you and provide you with the demand for whatever it is that you do. It will be something that you are more than happy to do and be compensated in many forms. Whether it is contentment, happiness, more peace, money or more time to just stop and smell the roses.

Where do you stand? Do you think that it may be time to reflect on your behavior and give a little more, you will be surprised at how much you are compensated. The law Compensation helps those who help themselves.

If you are at a point where you can’t just do what you are passionate about, that’s ok too. Maybe it’s not time to change jobs or careers. Do more now, not only will it train and build your abilities to advance but the principle involved is that when you become too large for your present place you will begin to draw yourself to something larger. you cannot attract better until you become later or better. You must earn what you receive or you cannot keep it. If a person appears to do so, it will not continue.  Based on the Law of Compensation that person will find their true place.(Holliwell, 2004).

This is where faith in yourself and the laws really come into place. Don’t doubt that it will arrive or your time will come. Stay out of your way and just progress, grow, develop and evolve. Your compensation is just waiting for you to come get it.

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