As obvious as this title is, as I work with clients, talk with friends as well as strangers, it seems to be one of the hardest things to get people to do. We can become so wrapped up in tasks and achieving goals that we don’t take time simply to mentally unwind and give a moment to pause and enjoy the journey that we are on

As we focus and achieve our goals. What we will most remember is not actually our achievement of them, but the journey that we took and all the memories of actually reaching them.

I think this is why people talk so much lately about being mindful and showing appreciation. It makes people pause to reflect on that moment. To show appreciation for that moment. There is a buzz around meditation, yoga, tai chi and maybe even prayer? They are starting to gain more steam. There are so many things to stimulate the mind now. ( phones, social media, iPads & laptop as well to watch things on the go. It’s hard to unplug. We barely give our body a rest, but it’s also important to do this with our minds. When we give our body’s a break it has a chance to heal, rebuild and repair. When we disconnect from technology as well as all the lists that you have running through your mind. Give your mind a break it is easier to relax, reflect on your actions ( laugh at some of them) and improve your temper, stress as well as the route to your goals.

So I mentioned to you all that I was on vacation last month.  While I was on vacation, it was also one of the final check-marks on one of the goals I had set for myself about 5 years ago and I was anxious to wrap it up! Initially, I had no plans of actually taking a vacation, it was more about the finalization. Then my brother mentioned that he’d never been to Europe and he wanted to go with me. So I added some more days to see the country. Then he said, why don’t we go diving in Greece while we’re over there. Initially, I thought “It’s not part of the plan, it’s not even next door to Austria” Eventually I agreed, mainly because I didn’t know why I was so adamant about not going…so I added more days.

Long story short. I ended up meeting beautifully warm and friendly people who loved sharing their culture and food with me. I dove in crystal clear waters and swim with colorful fishes. My brother caught an octopus and we had grilled octopus with a Greek omelet and local greens for dinner. It was amazing! I hiked part of the alps riding alpine coasters and absorbing the most amazing views I had ever seen. In the end, I could still focus and do a final check off of a goal of mine.

Those moments of pause give a chance to reflect on how you handle situations, which also helps to improve them so that you enjoy the journey that you’re are on and not just the final goal.

This is a good time to appreciate some of the achievements that you’ve made on your path to fulfillment. Appreciate where you’re at and how far you’ve come. How pleasing you look to yourself. Maybe how you can make yourself laugh.

One of the funniest things that happened to me was with a chair…….

When you take time to appreciate yourself and all the moments that you experience, it opens you up to being able to appreciate others and their experiences.

Giving your mind a chance to pause, relax, reflect gives better opportunities. If I was so firm in sticking to my agenda and just checking off my goals. I would have missed so many new opportunities to learn more about myself, other cultures and how Greeks have truly mastered the law of giving (which was very contagious), moments with my brother that made this journey to my goal so much more memorable.

I’ll close with the saying for you to keep in mind. It’s not all about the destination, the journey is just as important.