As you think about the things that you want and working to learn more and new things. Trying to really understand and practice the laws while working on your principles. You’ll go through things that test you as we spoke about in earlier episodes to see if you “walk the talk”. One of the things that always makes you a little nervous is knowing when you are actually done with this phase /period /event in your life. Whatever term best suits you and moving on to the next one. Some people call this a leap of faith. Some say that you just know when you are ready.  I think back to people that I interviewed as well as some who didn’t want to be interviewed. People that I read about and reading their wonderful adventures as well as myself and there is a point when you know, it’s time.  It’s time to move on, let go, accept greater responsibility, make a definitive choice. Understand that something is about to change or happen and embrace it, welcome it. I talk about this in the soul section, because it is not something that can be calculated, there is no physical test or exam with a pass or fail stamp and tell you to move on or stay back. It is a feeling, some use the term “gut feeling”…. something you know/”feel” as a fact without any physical or visual proof. It’s your own personal confirmation that is needed from yourself because no one knows you better than you. Knowing all your strengths, weaknesses, innermost thought etc, so when you give yourself a pass, it should be valued more than when others do since there is no illusion in it.

As you are swinging through the vines of life there is a point where you know you need to let go of one that has supported you through a period of time and place that support on the next vine. Now yes, that vine could break since there are a lot of vines to choose from. However, the vine that you chose also chose you. You could also change your mind at the last minute and choose another, but whatever you choose the impulse to let go of what you are currently holding on to is still there. If you don’t, you stop moving altogether or begin to swing backwards.

In relationships, jobs or most importantly yourself. You reach a point where you have this feeling that you need to change your path, thoughts, directions, relationships, locations, goals. You need to definitively make a choice on what you want your next step in life to be. Sometimes you receive feeling ahead of time that something is about to happen and you need to prepare for it.

I typed this phase ” Knowing when it’s time” into the search engine and it brought up: seeing signs for change, to retire or knowing when to quit your job or a relationship. If you think about it,  people in general already know the answer but are scared to go with it. They need someone or something to confirm or encourage them to do the decision they have already made up in their mind to do. That is why you type in the search.  This is where all of your preparation, discipline and faith come in that should reinforce the fact that you don’t need someone else telling you to confuse you or cause you be afraid and possibly leave you hanging on that vine just dangling there. However, if they are someone who is more looked at as a mentor, who is in a situation or state that is where you aspire to, then talk and see…remembering that in the end, the choice is yours.

This moment of knowing has happened to me many times in many areas of my life. When I know it’s time and I am scared to let go. I start to have dreams that are so vivid! Pushing me to do something, but don’t stay here! And they didn’t  stop coming until I make a decision and acted on it. Other times for me it’s a feeling that something’s about to happen. Once in a blue moon that something is not so great, but I learn something from it and other times it’s a change that I am excited about.

Here’s an example:[Story time!]

For me, this is how I know, but for you, it may be different, but that feeling is the same. Pushing you to act, decide to move forward in your journey to a fulfilled life where you meet the goals that you have set for yourself. Listen to yourself, not only when it comes to health issues or determining when something is right or wrong but in life in general. You’ll be surprised at how much life talks to you