And finally we are here to the final law that I wanted to discuss and it is the Law of Success. If you have noticed so far, these laws don’t deny you anything. However you chose to act or think, the laws accommodate it. You may not receive the results that you want, but you will notice that what you want very well conflicts with your actions and thoughts. The law of success states that you were born rich. You were given a set of faculties and in the faculties you have two different sets. There is the physical senses: Hearing, seeing, smell, taste and touch. Ther second is the invisible senses: Perception, will, memory, reason, and imagination. If a person is born healthy, they are given a complete set of faculties that if properly developed and applied will ensure success, ever-growing success.

We are taught about one set of senses at a very young age. In order for something to be real, we have to first be able to see it, taste it, touch it or hear it. Then we can believe that it is real. This is how we grow up really utilizing one set of senses and not realizing that the invisible set of senses are what makes the visible ones happen. This teaches/programs us to live life from the outside inwards. Meaning we live from the physical to the intellectual/spiritual but in reality, we live and succeed from the spiritual to the physical right, so from a thought to a thing (Proctor, 2015).

For example: Let’s say I am imagining myself having an aloe farm. My reasoning would say, It cannot be in the north because aloe doesn’t grow in the cold. But if I had a green house with a wood burning stove or some other source of heat, then maybe I am. Man oh man, that’s extra expenses that I probably don’t need. I want to be as hands-off as possible…etc. I think you get it. Nothing is actually physical yet, but you can clearly see it in your head. I am sure the Wright brothers went through this same process with the plane with the wing to body ratio and comparing it to birds. Just as Terence Percival and his team that created the wireless internet probably referencing the radio and wireless telephone. After they used their invisible faculties, we are able to use our physical ones for all to see the reality of their dreams.

There is an author called  Dorthea Brande who has a book called “Wake up and Live”. Her entire philosophy can be wrapped up in one powerful line  Act as though it is impossible to Fail

Using those invisible senses to imagine how your life would be. Just imagine if all your decisions were guided by that. You can have the things you want if you begin to see yourself with them.

Let’s look at the difference between need vs desire. The things you need, such as the things for survival, you get at any cost right? For “some” reason you always ended up having the thing needed for survival. When you convince yourself that you need success just as you need to eat when you are hungry, it comes without you even having to think about it. Bob Proctor calls this thinking your dreams into reality.

We all have different pictures of what success is, but few achieve it because our pictures of ourselves isn’t what it must be. This picture of yourself must change.

Success depends on adopting a true course, upholding what is just and right in thought, action, and following those principals is essential. No person actually becomes a success unless they train to become it. Practice causes efficiency and use creates results. So success is at everyone’s fingertips. The fact that you have the desire to succeed means that you have the power to succeed. As you know, not everyone feels that way.

You have everything you need to achieve success, you have infinite resources, higher faculties. You have attraction, obedience, sacrifice and compensation. You have faith in yourself and understanding of all the laws out there helping you to be whatever you like. Let’s be like nature, it is always successful and never plans for anything else. True genuine success lies in the results obtained, harvest reaped and distributed so that our fellow beings at large are benefited and the world enriched. On your journey, you will find the right method of operating these laws through practice, causes you to earn success.

Bob states that your own rival is your own personal potential. Your only failure is failing to live up to your possibilities.

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