At last, we talk about the ever popular law of attraction.

You are a living, breathing, creative magnet. You have the ability to control what you attract in your life. We learned this with that experiment using a washer on Episode 30. Let’s make a conscious decision to attract all the good you desire into your life.
The law of attraction has two important parts to it: Desire and expectation. When you truly desire something, you set up a vibration with what you are desiring, it connects you with the thing you desire. Expectation is what draws it into your life like a magnet or maybe a bee to a flower. This is the law.
There’s no use in desiring anything unless you expect to get it. Desire without expectation is simply a wish or dream and we know that can be a waste of mental energy if you aren’t going to do something about it.
You can only attract to you what you are in harmony (or on the same frequency) with, we noticed a bit of that earlier with our experiment earlier this month.
Now some of you may not be on board with this frequency/harmony/vibration thing right? If you look at your body through a microscope, it is a mass of energy…..moving and vibrating. Your mind controls the vibration you are in at any moment. When you’re sad or upset, your friends comes and changes the way you are thinking at the time and you physically feel better.
So let’s start with a regular microscope. We scratch our skin and our curiosity to see smaller things such as our cells begin! We all know about cells mainly because they teach it in middle school and cells are made up of atoms and other materials/elements. We then create the atomic microscope because we want to see the individual atoms so that we can learn and identify them. When you move from the atomic microscope you no longer use light and you are now using charged particles to see inside of atoms. This lead us to the electron microscope. Where each type of atom reflects a different kind of light using shorter charged electron light wavelengths. We can now see protons, neutrons, electron and… This is where our Xrays come into play. To see what’s in an ion, an ionic microscope was created and they see ions and more space. A particle accelerator was created to see what’s inside of basic particle. They use electromagnetic fields to give protons and electrons a very high charge and get them to bump into each other to see what else is out there and what they see is space. Each of these steps to be able to look deeper into itself requires more energy, it requires the machine or microscope to get on the same frequency to be able to see deeper inside of life and what they see is that life is energy, frequency and pulses, wavelengths and the expectation that there is more. If they didn’t believe and expect there was more, why create a new microscope? Life is full of energy because you are energy. Remember the movie matrix? it was all about harnessing your energy and controlling the way that you think.
NO ONE can cause you to think anything that you don’t want to think. This is where freedom comes into play. A freedom that no one can touch unless you give them permission to and this is the problem. We permit what is happening around us to determine how we think. From the news, television, to the songs on the radio, from our parents, friends and strangers. 90% of the population wishes positive but thinks negative. You tell me which is more powerful, thinking or wishing? Your negative thoughts BY LAW determines what you attract into your life.
Call me captain obvious, but never expect things you don’t want. As obvious as it sounds, that is what 90% of us do. If you are oppressed by poverty, hardship, limitation or lack of any kind. Begin now to operate this Law of mind and gradually command more and more of the good. Expect better things and improved conditions, just like we did with the washer. Let the idea or plan of good unfold in the imagination just as if it was on a movie screen. Don’t force the thought. The calmer and more peaceful you are, the better the results.
Ok so…this has to be said, don’t desire what belongs to someone else, causing someone else to be deprived. Remember this is not the only law, so what comes around goes around. We are looking to make our lives fuller and happier, enabling us to help others have better and happier lives.
You will continuously attract good things in your life by thinking positive thoughts and expecting the best of yourself and others……and guess what? You deserve it! You, DESERVE IT.  Now as I say that, I need you to believe it, desire it and expect it. This is the law of attraction.

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