I had a test recently where I had to have complete faith in the laws, and in myself. Before I realize it. I was scared of the outcome. The phrases “what if” kept coming to mind and fear began to make me nervous. Something said do you not have faith in yourself? What exactly are you scared of, life? Is there really a bad outcome? Before I knew it, the stress melted with every response. I do have faith in myself. I would never do anything to hurt me. Although I may not have known what the results would be, there isn’t a bad outcome. Only an opportunity to learn more about myself as well as others. My gut told me to take action, and I need to trust my intuition.

Life happens, you can either accept that and move on or dwell. but I just don’t think there are many areas where you don’t have some sort of feeling or intuition in advance. unless you are just not aware of yourself or environment. Then negative expectations take over, beat every other idea up and kicked them out! (ha ha)

What exactly is this intuition?

We’ve all had hunches or moments where we act with-out quite knowing why. “Intuition is the capacity for direct knowledge and immediate insight, without any observation or reason,” says David G. Myers, PhD, a psychology professor at Hope College. These insights come to our attention and ask us to do something. Some are big decisions such as See the doctor now; marry this woman; don’t get on that plane. Others are barely perceptible: There’s something off about that new guy in accounting—be careful. (Mahoney, 2011)

Dr.Antoine Bechara, an associate professor of neurology at the University of Iowa says that intuition ” is actually one of the body’s survival mechanisms. It’s a means of taking you away from danger and steering you toward what is good for you.” (Mahoney, 2011)

If you feel that urge to do something and you become nervous or scared about the outcome. DO IT!  It is an opportunity to break free from your mental norms ( or barriers that you have personally put in place) and create a new path with new limitations (or the lack thereof) for yourself. It is your intuition, your gut telling you that this is what you want. Don’t drown it out by fear or all the reason why you can’t do it. Think of all the reasons why you can and how you can benefit from it

I know your next question, How do you know if you’re doing it wrong. I will tell you both .with the help of Bob of course. “If you are in harmony with the law, your life is going to keep getting better. If you’re living by the law, you’re going to continue to earn more, feel better and you’re going to have more fun. It just keeps getting better. If it’s not getting better, you’re violating the law. It’s that simple. Don’t argue with it.” ( Proctor, 2015)

How do you know when your intuition is talking to you? We’ve already talked about you getting either a good or bad feeling about whatever you’re doing or about to do. The other thing that happens is sometimes life will throw signs in your way as well. These signs could be good or bad dreams, “coincidences” because really, there are none. Literally, signs or people are presented to you.

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I got into my car to go to a farm and something told me I wasn’t going to make it. So I check my gas, that tank was full. Tires were good, but I couldn’t shake this feeling. Then I looked over at my temp gauge and my car was running hot. So I pulled over to get some coolant which they didn’t have so I was stuck and had to get towed back home.

How can you pay more attention to your 6th sense?

  • Play a Game while in traffic or in the grocery store. Which line is going to move faster and see if you got into the right one
  • If you are a dreamer, try writing down your dreams to interpret them when you get some time.
  • Ask yourself questions on things you aren’t sure you want to do (as silly as that sounds). Be patient and see what happens.

How and why the universe is sending you signs from https://youtu.be/wqrYQHVV3Jo

Proctor, B. (2015) The Art of Living  Ny, NY. Random House