There are actually many names given to this law other than non resistance. In the business world  we hear about the psychology of  service, advisors and other aid imaginable to help us find what we want.

Think about why why stores keep the doors open or have motion sensors so that you don’t have to open a door to come in. The number of people who walk through an open door in comparison to ones where you have to open a door is different. Businesses make this design to let prosperity in.

You ever wonder why grocery stores, dollar stores prefer the basement instead of the second floor? It’s easier to walk down stairs that up. Yes, yes, we have escalators and elevators, but phycology also plays a role in this. Your first thought typically is that down is easier.

How to live in harmony and not let resistance get to them. True harmony doesn’t come from the lack of it, neither does peace come from discord. Resistance fails because it is not in accordance with harmony and order, which is the Law

Ok so, I have a few examples for you. A man is interested in a woman, he does’t up and grab her by the arm and say. Hey, I want you, you need to be with me. He’s probably going to watch her and find out what she likes. Have a some conversation to make her laugh to make it easier for her to see that they could be a good item.  He put his best foot forward, to make the most pleasing impression and eventually so does she. This is choosing the non resistant path to getting what you want. Whether we realize it or not we are always selling ourselves.

I saw a video earlier this week. It was for people in sales. What they were saying really didn’t matter. The whole idea was to be able to read the person as quickly as possible to be able to change the way that you speak to them (so you are talking their language) this makes the sale easier and it is a win- win for both people.  I was really surprised about how much you could tell about a person based on body shape. Whether you have long limbs or large hands. You can’t help but spot it to the test and seeing if it is true. I will attache it simply because I thought it was fascinating.


Everything that we do is selling something, yourself, and idea, a lifestyle. What you unconsciously do is sale your way of life. Sometimes in a non resistive way and others in a resistive way. The saying “Whatever you resist , persists” is very true and ties into the talk we had about reacting versus responding. Reacting is a habit , responding we have to think. Reacting is resisting.

The law doesn’t require to work over or against the things we do not want but to work with  and for the things that we do.  Don’t  give any time thought or energy to that which is opposed to what we want. This part here is tough. I catch myself periodically falling back on this one. When I catch myself, I keep moving forward and don’t dwell on the fact that I fell back.

Water is the perfect non resistive element and yet it is very powerful.  It can carve away at the hardest rock. It can tear down bridges, buildings , trees and walls. It starts out so small and accumulates into brook. A stream doesn’t stop at an obstacle or wait to build up force to push past opposition. The stream is in no way interested in the boulder, building or tree. It is too busy trying to reach a longer stream, river or mighty ocean!

We as people sometimes like friction (mainly because I think that is what we are trained to do: war against a sickness, fight for your rights, fight to be heard), All that friction causes irritation, inflammation and damage to both parties. Not only that, but how much energy was used/wasted (depending on the outcome) in the process?

I’m not saying to be a door mat, but if these laws are followed. Our rights when they are righteous will uphold themselves, they are their own defense. Especially when we choose what we support. Keep in mind that we attract what we expect, So if we believe we let people walk over us and that we need to fight and resist. Remember the saying those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

I think a good example of this would be organic foods. it started very small, most stores didn’t carry it because most people weren’t interested in it. but as we learned what was being used on crops, put in our foods, the movement grew to a multi billion dollar industry. Companies that didn’t care anything about it are trying to create organic brands. Food chains like Chipotle are trying to go organic.  Restaurants are popping up with farm to table menus. Not because of a fight, but because people chose a different path/option. Literally people were voting with their dollars or actions.  This was done according to the law of nonresistance. People weren’t fighting against chemical companies. The choice was to not even consider them as an option. Kind of like the stream going around the boulder versus pushing against it. Eventually the boulder will give from it’s base being worn out. If laws are passed to change what organic is, there will be another change on how people shop.

Holliwell, R ( 2004) Working with the Law  Camarillo, Ca: DeVorss & Company