On the 5th week of the month, we have one of our listeners co-host the show with me on a topic of their choice. Today we are co-hosting with Mazi who would like to talk to us about the essence of freedom and his experiences in trying to achieve them.

  • Food and Lifestyle – Learning what it takes for his body to perform the way he wanted

How gardening and raising chickens and turkeys gave him the freedom and confidence to attract more oppourtunities his way

  • Diving and what it taught him about how the body responds to the mind
    • Overcoming the hurdle of fear
    • Learning how to relax and respond instead of react

he would love to talke with like minded people to learn different strategies and approaches to life. Check out more of his diving videos at https://vimeo.com/user54673577

If you would like to be on the next wild card episode to talk about what is important to you in living a fulfilled life shoot us an email!