obedience to the laws of life, not the man-made or life laws
Ramond Holliwell says ” Man should be a be a builder, and to him is given all the materials out of which to construct the kind of life he desires to live. He either builds in wisdom or in ignorance according to his obedience and his understanding of the Laws and the use of it in his daily life”
obey – to submit to the rule or to comply with orders and instructions
Obedience – to comply with all movement whether it is mechanical, literal or spiritual
So when we think mechanically. We can think of and airplane, car, or even a machine that builds other machines. They are made with certain limitations that they must comply with. If not, they end up damaging themselves. If airplane tries to take off or land without reaching a certain speed, lift and drag. It can rip itself apart, damage itself etc.  The same thing with cars if you choose not to change the oil in it. or even spiritual where you choose not to follow or be who you instinctively are due to wanting to fit in. You can live a very tiresome and stressful life.
I saw this saying that selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. if is asking others to live as one wishes to live.
If I want to be free, I have to be me
I love examples of nature it is life and it is so factual.  We never wonder if the sun is going to rise in the morning. The sun is completely obedient to the laws that is established for it.  The same goes for the moon right. Take the seasons for example: we have the creation of life ( spring)..abundance of health ( summer), the thereof (fall) and death/hibernation (winter). We look at animals and most animals have their babies during spring so that there is an abundance of resources to help them grow and develop through the summer store and during the fall and winter store and hibernate during the fall. If an animal has a child during the fall or winter there is nothing to support its growth and it most likely won’t make it through the year. Well, that and then number of predators double and they become food to help something else make it through the winter.
     This also happens with plants. There are laws established for a plant, when it germinates and springs out of the ground. recently in New England we had a little gift of warm weather for about a week or two and you saw buds forming and little plants starting to poke out of the ground. Birds were singing a tad bit louder than usual. Everybody and everything wanted to come out and soak up the sun and enjoy that weather. A super cold front came in(I remember because it was 7 degrees on my phone and I was so disappointed when I woke up) and it wiped out any and everything that decided to pop up before it’s time.  There weren’t any exceptions made that said ‘Oh, because you are flower, I am going to let you live even though you went against the rules’  The laws of life make no exceptions. I always feel bad about the tulips that popped up too soon.
You can choose to be obedient and follow the laws, which rewards you with whatever you need in abundance just like the animals, and plants or you can choose not to and be just as frustrated, stressed, and feel like something is missing or lacking. I decided to talk about this law of Obedience applies to us on so many different levels. Spiritual and physical and even a microscopic level. Look at what we talked about last week. Our cells and how often they die and replicate themselves just like the seasons. As we choose how we live our lives out of ignorance or knowledge it affects our cells, which in turn affects our organs, our health, our body. Our choices affect our thought and minds and well as our soul and the energy we give off to other people.
This law is sooo difficult because it takes humility and sometimes we believe we know best at least I did. I wasn’t fully aware of all the laws but the ones that I didn’t know…I just knew I knew better. Pride is something else. I think I tested them all even the law of gravity! As a kid, I just knew that didn’t apply to me!!! When I decided to be humble enough to the law of obedience, a ripple effect started to happen and I was humble enough to let go and do the Law of Forgiveness, then the law of receiving and attraction..so on and so forth.  This may not be the same route that you take, but this was a doosey for me.
The question I want to ask you is why is there so much more obedience when it to man’s laws than to Life’s?

Holliwell, R ( 2004) Working with the Law  Camarillo, Ca: DeVorss & Company