So we touched on this at the beginning of this month when we looked at learning how to make our desires a reality by changing our thoughts and learning how to bypass fear of failure.

We all know that you don’t get something for nothing.  Yet we still try to get things for nothing or a discount. If it is actually worth something, pay what it’s worth. I say this because we have all heard the saying you get what you give.

People who look at getting a deal or getting something for nothing tend to not be successful in life and don’t live a fulfilled life

We learn in physics class that for every action that is an equal and opposite

Raymond Holliwell says giving is the 1st or fundamental law of life, it is the 1st law of creation….giving life

-When you plant a seed, it returns multiple vegetation and seeds

-Radio/podcast is a good example of the law of giving and receiving. The operator projects a program. They stirs up a vibration/frequency to accomplish it. He/she doesn’t do anything after projecting it.  The air/wavelength carries this vibration/frequency  to any station that is capable of receiving and reproducing it.

Bob states you must willingly give and entirely receive. You have to create  space to receive, so give

** When you relax from strain, the law has a chance to reply to your desires

After you create a clear outline of your desire, release that thought and like a boomerang, it will come back.

Some people will say they do give (Holliwell, pg 82 [227-228])

So….Give time/energy/money/ knowledge/kindness and love, it is exciting to see what is guaranteed to come back to you in return

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