Life is whatever you make of it

That phrase is so fitting of life itself. We have talked so much about how the mind is influenced and how the ways that we think affects out physical lives every minute of every second of every day.  Being conscious about the environments that we put ourselves in. Who we trust and allow to influence our thoughts is critical. I feel as if  I am becoming a parrot I have nothing new to say that I haven’t already said in the past year. We now know that we need to create constructive wandering and understand also that what we see and hear influences your thoughts. That we can change our lives and the environment we are in by changing the way we look at life and what we place in that environment.

All we need now is to put our new way of thinking to practice, expect wonderful results and if we stumble or fall, we gather our balance or brush our selves off and keep the change moving. So with that being said. I would like to close the “Mind” episodes and of course, the mind is encountered when we talk about the “soul”. I look forward to continuing our growth together in the other episodes. I have been thinking about replacing this day with one where I talk people who are on their way to achieving their goals and dreams. Which is what our wild card week was, which occurred on the 5th week. Maybe it should be something every month.  Let me know if that is something that you would be interested in.