”The Law of Increase, we have this frame of mind that when we have good, fortune, knowledge, whatever it is. Whatever we have, we don’t want to take too much because it will be taking away from others. The reality is, you can never take more than your share when you are dealing with the infinite. When I say the infinite, I’ll give you an example.

Take all the large animals in the world. A whale, the blue whale… it consumes tons of krill a day. It doesn’t say..oh, I’m going to only eat a certain amount of krill a day so that other sea-life has something to eat. It consumes until it is full and somehow there is enough for all sea life right on up the food chain. From the animals that eat the krill to the animals that eat those animals. This idea also goes with breathing oxygen or the absorption of sunlight (to make vitamin D) and even water, IF we weren’t trying to horde it for capital. It would be the same way.  I went to the Netherlands and they have such an abundance of water that they tax you if you don’t use it. When I say hoarding and example in America would be the Hoover dam, although it creates energy for a section of the area, it cuts off the water supply to southern California, Arizona, Mexico and Central America.  So anyway, there is an infinite source.

The key to this increase is praising or showing that you’re are grateful. There is a saying “You can catch more flies with honey instead of vinegar” Not sure why you would want to catch flies, but technically it is true. bees too (ha ha). Praising someone or something makes it work harder for you. Show that you are grateful.

Forbes did a study with 46 adults and determined that giving a compliment/praise was just as rewarding to the brain as receiving money. It actually stimulates the brain the exact same way.

Thank about where this is commonly used in life. Let’s look at personal trainers and those teachers of aerobic, cycling, zumba or some other class. The whole time you are grunting and sweating wanting to just quit, they are there praising your efforts pushing to keep going and work harder. If they were in there criticizing everything you did wrong, most people would say or think  “I am trying as hard as I can! If they say one more thing about me, I’m walking out!”  This example can also be used for your job as well. In forbes magazine, linkedIn studies, as well as Harvard reviews. People don’t leave their jobs or a company, they leave their bosses or managers. Bosses that show that they value their employees, showing their gratitude don’t have high turn over rates. This is the reason why everyone wants to work for places like Google and Tesla.

In your life, you are The Boss, and every person or thing that you encounter works for you in some way shape of form. Either in helping you along your way and/or to teach you something. At the same time, you are assisting them in theirs. So when someone is praising you, it pushes you to do better, to become better because you receive pleasure from it and when you are happy, you bring happiness in your work and all around you.

There is a physical response that happens in our bodies when we are praised or show gratitude. This has a lot to do with the mind and how the brain triggers a response to all cells in the body strengthening them, to give you the ability to do more. The attitude of mind not only brings our desires, but creates confidence and strengthens our faith. It changes our observations or outlook on life. There is a saying by Dr. Wayne Dyer ” When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change” So being able to be grateful for the lessons learned in the toughest times forces better times

So when we think of this law of increase, it kind of goes with the law of giving and receiving right? When you give you receive back in abundance. Kind of like planting one pumpkin seed and in return you get two pumpkins full of seeds, this is why some people call this law, the Law of Harvest.

So when you hear the saying “Want for others what you want for yourself. It is because you receive an increase of what you give. This can be positive or negative, so focusing on showing your appreciation and being optimistic will ensure that you receive an increase of good and positive things in your life. It keeps you on the path of your goal and that much closer to the fulfilled life that you desire.

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