I know we have talked about this in passing on different episodes, but I came across something this week that I think would be fun and a small example of how powerful your mind is when it comes to thought and expectations!
So while I was pursuing on Youtube, I came across an interview with Opera and Deepak. Talking about the power of the mind. He gave her a washer with a thin string tied through it and told her to hold the string with her index finger and thumb. Take that arm and rest it on your knee so that you are in a comfortable position. Just let the washer hang there. 

I want to pause this for a second just in case you guys want to try this as I’m talking about it. My string was thread because that was the thinnest and most accessible to me….okay now imagine the washer swinging like a pendulum and continue to watch it. Now change your thought so that the washer isn’t swinging side to side anymore, but front to back. Wait for it….wait for it…did it change? Cool beans!
Now imagine the washer going in circles and once you see that imagine it going in the opposite direction in circles.  Give it a moment. Did it change?! Isn’t that cool!
Of course when I tried it, I wondered if it was just me?I know I made sure not to move my hand. So, I decided to get a sample size. I tried this on 22 people at work and the washer didn’t move for 9 of them. Small movements on 6 others. 5 had healthy swing and it was break dancing for 2. I wonder if the 9 that didn’t move for are simply pessimistic people in nature and just need a mental reset then another person didn’t get it to move and the thought changed to maybe it has to do with the pineal gland (I’d ask people of they dream). Which then migrated to I wonder if they have fixed personalities as far as habits are concerned, but the last guy was a person who dreamt and was up for anything. Then I came across an article that talks about this and talks about it being an ability to focus, such as taking the time in undistracted thought. Spending time to think and reflect. Which means that people can develop this if they currently don’t. You guys let me know what you think it is in the comments section of this podcast or on our facebook page.
So, why is this washer moving in the 1st place? Remember how we were talking about vibration or a more common word feelings. These are all frequencies/wavelength pulses right. Your brain gives them off all the time. Doctors and other researchers hook sensors up to the brain or heart all the time to ensure the brain is firing correctly or the heart is doing the same. Why would it be a surprise to know that your brain sends off these pulses as well.
At one point a friend and I wondered if we could make it move without holding it and….nothing happend (lol) so why?  You have no connection to it. This is the reason why in the law of attraction or when you choose to set your goals you have to have passion or a burning desire to be able to have that connection and draw it to you. When you have that passion it puts you on the same frequency as what you want. You’re expectation have to be on that same frequency. You can’t  say of think things like. I really want thay job, but I don’t think I’m qualified. You’re getting in your own way.
If you are able to move this washer in a matter of minutes, just imagine what you can do with your life! If you belive in yourself! And have positive expectations! I know some people say they aren’t positive or negative, they are just realistic.
What exactly is real? The Merriam’s definition speaks on it occuring or existing in actuality, while another says it’s the capability of being detected. This second definition was written when people discovered particles. Based on these definitions the future is not real until it becomes the present. Your present life is based and formed by all of your expectations.
So dream, imagine and expect great and wonderful things for your future. And see if the turn of events in your life stay the same or change to something greater than you ever thought possible. Real is what you make it.
Wayne Dyer has a saying “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change”
Deepak states that everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. When I decide to buy a birthday present, wiggle my toes, or call a friend, it all starts with intention.
Depak states that there are 5 steps to harness the power of intention
  1. Slip into the gap – restful awareness..I call it enjoying stillness and plant your intention an desires
  2. Release your intention and desires – after they are set, let them go (stop thinking about it)
  3. Remained centered while being in a restful state – refuse to be influenced by other’s doubts or criticism
  4. Detach from the outcome – ( tricky tricky) attachment is based on fear and insecurity while detachment is based on faith in unquestioning belief in the power of yourself
  5. Let the Laws handle the details – Trust that the laws will come together and do what they were meant to do. Depak says ” You have released your intentions into the fertile grounds of pure potentiality. They will bloom when the season is right”

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