On this episode of My Fulfilled life,  we speak with Cyndi Ball who is a mother of 6, an educator, agribusiness owner, beekeeper, Master Gardener, and a self-taught farmer.  She also has 19 years of homeschooling under her belt.

Lazy B Farms is Cyndi’s family homestead. Reading copious amounts of books taught her the farmer’s life. Well, that along with trial and error. She began her Journey in LA and moved to the NW and had the last 3 of her children at home. Where she discovered the beauties of at home child birth.

While deciding to homeschool her children,  there was a period of time where they had no insurance and couldn’t afford the cycle of running to the doctor when they became sick.  She realized how important diet was in keeping them healthy. Learned the art of herbal medicine and studied herbalism. Using it in combination with healthy food choices to keep her family healthy.

Cyndi began making bread from scratch since it was cheaper to make it. One of her daughters had sensitive skin and traditional soap was causing breakouts and burning so she started making her own soap. Cyndi enjoyed sewing since high school. She raised rabbits for manure for gardening and just loved it for the next 12 years.

The move to Santa Cruz, California for 2 years was exactly what she needed. The family became involved with 4H and learned about pigs, dairy goats and horses.
Their next move was to Georgia, where they purchased a 7-acre piece of land. Where her homesteading truly began with her kids. The first animal purchased was a sheep. In 2008, a request from the local pony club to tour the farm occurred. Cyndi was surprised at how most children had never seen an egg, broccoli grow or touched a sheep. She noticed a person taking detailed notes and asked why. His response was that there was nowhere to learn how to do homesteading and he wanted to learn.

Cyndi decided to do homestead tours that evolved into giving classes since there was so many questions about making bread, cheese, raise chickens, soap, etc.

When she first decided to formally set up classes and met resistance, she was rejected. She later decided through the advice of a friend to go through UGA at FFA.  In (2009) she had her 1st chicken class and her farm had become an educational homestead.

Through this, women were interested in pursuing the little farm homestead life. In 2011 she decided to post a Facebook message for women who were curious and told them just to meet at the farm. Her turn out was over 20 people and this number continued to grow. She along with the help of these women, began building a community. Sharing knowledge, forming friendships and bonds which was something that she really wanted and needed at that time.

Through word of mouth, they decided to go national. In the middle of 2013, the 1st chapter broke off from Georgia. Now in 2017, there are  20 plus chapters from Georgia to Maine all the way to California.

Cyndi’s advice to people who want to start a homestead is to find a community for support and start slow. Learning as much as you can about each part of agriculture whether it is a chicken or raising bees. This way you can see how it affects the environment of your farm.
Keep your eyes peeled for Cydi’s AirBnB farm stay to experience farm life before taking the dive yourself or as you take a weekend beekeeping course.

How to Find Out More about Cyndi and Lazy B Farms


Website: http://thelazybfarm.com

Women’s Homestead Group: http://www.ladieshomesteadgathering.org