Even the most determined and disciplined person gets to a point where they think…..Why fight it.  I’ve made this error ( sometimes a mistake and other times intentional)  It’s just easier to not try.
Most of the time we hear this with people when it comes to dieting, sports, work and even love. Have you ever thought that these momentary moments of weakness are simply a test to make sure that you are strong enough to handle the life that you want. No life goes on without being tested. Even in your professional life you have exams, qualifiers to test what your strengths and abilities are.  So in your personal life, understand that life will also test you to show you what your strength and weaknesses are. Not to make you feel bad or give up, but to show you what needs improvement so that you know what needs to be strengthened in yourself.
Have you ever asked yourself (Why does this keep happening to me)
If you have a bad habit and are now aware of this habit, you know you have to change it. All a habit is, is a repetitive thought or action that is repeated frequently enough that it becomes an automatic reflex. Dr. Robert A. Russell says that doing little things in a great was is a simple way of developing greatness in one’s life.
This metal understanding of what a failure/temporary glitch/mistake already helps to strengthen you for the next time it comes around to easily pass and move on to the next stage in your life of many wonderful blessings and opportunities as well as new challenges in life.  As you know you have this habit that needs to be changed and you make the effort to change it. You are one step closer to being a greater you.
So how do you motivate yourself not to give up? Bob Proctor talks about getting yourself a cheering squad or rather being patient enough for your cheering squad to arrive.  Some people find that as they make these changes to proceed to their goals, the end up with resistance from the friends, colleagues, etc. it’s simply because you had the same habits as them, and this new you is not the same. So as you change sometimes your friends will as well and your new cheering squad will arrive at the right time.  The same way as people who play the same sport cheer you on, or if you are on a diet being part of a group doing the same thing cheers you on. The new squad will come, but first Don’t Give Up on Yourself..it is just a test and you will pass, if not the 1st time, then the 2nd but YOU…….WILL……..PASS



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