On this Episode of my fulfilled life, we speak with Paul Sellew who is the CEO of Little Leaf Farms which sales bagged lettuce. Paul focuses on local food production.

95% of lettuce grown in the U.S is grown in California and Arizona. His farm cuts and delivers within 24 hours in the local New England area. In this interview, we will talk about:

  • How greenhouses are needed in the New England to grow and produce. Using Sustainability to grow and produce to stay competitive
    • Chemical-free vegetables
    • Rainwater collection to water the plants
    • Using insects to fight other insects
  • Paul was raised on a family farm. He learned that majority of New England food is imported and always asked the questions “Why can’t we grown more food locally”. His love for greenhouses began at this point.
  • Graduated from Cornell with a degree in Horticulture and had a passion for basketball
  • Decided to start his 1st company at 24 years old in composting. Commercial scale composting hadn’t started at that time. Sold the company in the early 90s
  • Moved into recycling biosolids in wastewater treatment plants. That were used to grow crops. Wanted to go back to is original question
  • Started a company called Back Yard Farm in Madison Maine on 42 acres. They grew vine ripen tomatoes
  • This was the catalyst to starting little leaf farms
  • The thing that you really need to start and build company is tremendous determination and tenacity
    • You have to change the status quo
    • Getting all the right people together and merge properly
    • Following all the rules and regulations
  • Unless you really believe in it and give 100% it probably not be worth your time to start one.


How to Find Out More about Paul and Little Leaf Farms

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleLeafFarms/

Website: http://www.littleleaffarms.com