We are going to talk about another author that really seems to resonate with me and I believe with you as well.

Definition of success – the progressive realization of a worthy ideal

When checking to see how many people actually achieve a successful live . They took 100  people who all started at the age of 25. They all believed they we going to be successful. By the time they reached 65. only 1 was rich, 4 were financially independent, 41 were still working and 54 were broke.  So only 5 of these people were successful.

The question is why? what happened?

these is also the very same thing that we look at when we talk about the top 5%

When this book was written it stated that we learn to read and write by age of 7. When i checked to see if this was still true, it is considered that someone is literate ( read, write & arithmetic) by the age of 15. We learn how to make a living at the age of 25..by this time there is a good amount of us that have families.

Earl says the reason for us not being successful is because we conform. That most of us act like the 95% that do not succeed because we believe our lives are shaped by circumstance and by things that happen by external forces.

When a survey was created asking people why do they work? why they get up in the morning 19/20 didn’t have an answer other than ” That’s what everyone does”

Watch conforming experiment

Earl says a successful person is :
– the school teacher who has always wanted to be a teacher
– an entrepreneur who starts a company because that was their dream
– the wife or husband who wanted to become a husband or wife and is doing a good job if it
-anyone who is pursuing deliberately a predetermined goal, because they decided to ….GUESS WHAT, only 1 out of 20 people do that

The key to guaranteeing success is to set GOALS
– people with goals succeed because they know where they are going – vs- failures, believe that their lives are shaped by circumstance, by the things that happen to them

So this key is to success as well as failure is that we become what we think about.
Dr. Normal Vincent stated that it was one of the greatest laws of the Universe.  William Shakespeare said “Our Doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt”

Earl says if we think about nothing that is what we become.  He says   The human mind is far more fertile, more incredible and mysterious that the land, but works the same way. (Nightingale, 2013, pg 16)

Talks about how all priceless possessions are free, yet we covet and value things that are cheap enough to actually have a price to it. Think about how true that is. ..Our minds ( until we loose it), our bodies (until it doesn’t work right), dreams, hopes, ambitions. The things that we get for nothing, we can never replace.

“ The human mind is not being used because we take it for granted. It can do any job you tell it to do and we choose to use it for little jobs instead of big important ones. The universities have already proven that most of us are operating on only use 10% or less of our brains ability (Nightingale, 2013, pg16)

So decide…..
-What is it that you want
-Plant the goal in your mind, care for it and work steadily towards it and it will become a reality (there’s no way it cannot)

30 Day Action for putting your Thoughts to Work for you
-understand that for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction (Law of giving and receiving )
-The results of the 30 days will be directly proportional to the effort you put forth ( you can achieve nothing without paying the price..i.e carpenter, doctor, engineer, electrician ) each of these people sells their profession, but you can also sale an idea, education, etc)

  1. Understanding that we become what we think about, that we must control out thoughts if we are to control our lives. Understanding fully that: What you give is what you receive
  2. Realizing that your limitations are self imposed, and opportunities for you today are infinite
  3. Using all your courage to force yourself to think positively on your own problem
  4. Save at least 10 cent of every dollar you earn. know no matter ehat your present job is, it has enourmous possibilites if you are willing to pay the price
  5. Ideas are worthless unless we act on them

Next 30 day days..follow these steps below until you have achieved your goal.

  1. Write on a card what it is you want more than anything else.
    • Be specific, make sure it is a single goal and clearly defined
    • Best not to show it to anyone
    • Carry this card with you so you can look at it several times a day.
  2. Stop thinking about what it is your fear (this is tough)
    • Each time a fearful/negative thought comes, replace it with a mental picture of your positive and worthwhile goal

Don’t be concerned with how you are going to achieve that goal. Leave it to the law of attraction. Act as though it were impossible to fail.

Don’t start the 30 day test until you have made up in your mind to stick with it. If you fail ( find yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts) with in the 30 days, you have to start over and go 30 more days

Nightingale, E. (2013) Strangest Secret Seaside, ORWatchmaker Publishing