We talk every month about the mind and how to have control over how it is shaped, our thoughts as well as whatever else we want. Once we get to a certain point we are tested to see if we are ready for the next part of our journey, we are shown how we have grown and matured or that we need more growing to do in a certain area.  This holiday week was a lesson’s learned for me and understanding how powerful something like a perspective can be. We gather together with family and friends and talk about life, love, politics, events that has happened in our lives and as we hear these stories from one person versus another you think about perspective. It’s the same story but the mother may tell it differently from the child or the father due to the way that a particular person views life. This makes me think of Dr, Wayne Dyer and his phrase ” When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”
This is really what we are trying to do as we aim for our goals. We are trying to change our environment as well as our mental state to help us meet our expectations. We put in work, time, we practice and change our mindset/perspective to helps us to achieve this and so much more. What exactly is perspective or mindset?
Webster says that perspective is the ability to view things in their true relation or importance.  So asking yourself the question as to what is important to you lets you know what your perspective really is. What’s important to you? To always be right or do what’s right? Is it to always be safe or take risks? Is it to be healthy or succumb to what you want at that moment? When we talk about a mindset we are talking about your mental attitude.
I had the opportunity to talk to a public speaker and asked the question what is the difference between mindset and perspective. The response was how a person obtains the two is different. The mindset is literally having your mindset. Which means you have already formed an opinion about something. Whereas perspective is not necessarily that you are right or wrong it is just how you see it. It is your point of view. Which shows that this perspective can shift and change multiple times over as you experience new and different things in life.
As I spoke with friends, family as well as strangers over the holiday, it was so much easier to see people’s mindsets and perspectives this year. Things that would have bothered me in previous years didn’t bother me at all because I understood it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with their mindset and perspective. I also wanted to stay true to my mindset. If you look up changing your mindset or perspective on the internet, there are multiple articles on this and how you do it. This mindset and perspective has to be at a subconscious level so as you respond or possibly even react with practice in the way that you want to versus a reflexive reaction.  All of these articles talk about how you start by 1st deciding to change your perspective or mindset or….stating that there’s nothing that needs to be changed. That is a decision in itself.
Your perspective and mindset has a control on your emotions and your feeling (that vibration you give off). It can be the difference between seeing a beautiful day full of opportunity in comparison to a grueling day where you feel used or vulnerable and out of control of your own life.
Some people need an extra push and go to a hypnotist to help them with a multitude of issues. One that is popular would be to stop a certain craving on a subconscious level. Such as smoking or eating certain foods. Of course, you don’t particularly need that unless you feel like you need it. This decision to make a shift in your perspective or mindset to look at life in a positive, successful way. You will have to discipline yourself to change thoughts when you feel old habits creeping back to something motivating you towards those goals of fulfillment.
Take some time out of your day and ask yourself what type of mindset and perception do you want to have and plow forward,

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